Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Need A New Makeup Mirror!!!

I need a new makeup mirror! I need a non- bulky one! The one I have is big and rectangle and white. I want one that is small (not to small, just something I can move around) and oval and silver.I want light settings! I don't want one to plug in. I want a switch or touch control! I want it to be affordable. I need it to have a long neck. Something that magnetizes. I need something affordable. I need something under 40 dollars!  Does anyone have any ideas? PLEASE let me know if you can give me a suggestion!

                                                       This is the one I have!

                                                        An idea of what I want!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Candles by Victoria

This post is about Candles by Victoria products. Some of you guys may be candle addicted like me! I have tried many brands of candles and I have a list of favorites. I think Candles by Victoria is one of my top brands. Why you may ask?
1.) Victoria is an actual person and not a brand name.
2.) The candles and tarts are poured with Love!
3.) The product you get for the price is fa-nominal.
4.) You can actually smell the scent when you burn it. It is NOT a light smell that you can barley smell. It is something you can smell from the other room. :)
5.) The scent choices are exquisite.
6.) There are soooo many choices of scents!
7.) The Victoria gang actually cares about the product and the customers. Which is important for me.
8.) The Candles look petty, with the diffrent colors and all.
9.) You can have varity when you buy from Victoria.
10.) Her tarts are so easy to use! ( I have not tried her candles yet.)
So with all these reasons why not give Candles by Victoria a chance? I have and I do NOT regret it! She even sends out a monthly newsletter!
PS. She usually have really great deals and coupon codes in the newsletter!
You can have discussions on the pouring pot message board. To talk about the brand, your wax and scents. Best of all your talking to other consumers. I think once in a while Victoria will leave a comment or two.
Victoria even makes videos, Youtube videos! That is how I found the brand! You will find the link of all Victoria's information down below. You know, like youtube account and website:)
                             ( These are Tarts)- Like wax melts. You put them in Tart warmers!
Candles By Victoria Website -
Candles By Victoria Youtube -
                                                            (These are her Candles)

Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Start.

A New Start.
I needed a new chapter to open in my life. I hated how everyday felt so similar. I hated how I was so stressed about school and had no outlet. Youtube was my outlet, but then everything just became so frustrating. I wanted to be successful in the youtube world so bad. I could not understand why people would get 500 subscribers in a month where I could not even get 300 hundred in a year. I have had 3 channels the whole time I have been in the youtube world. First one - Cutelollygirl (Complete Fail) Second one - LipiGloss ( Went ok) I got up to 300 hundred subbies on that one but I was not getting the views or comments I felt like I should of had. Then I just stopped filming. I hated when I would sit in front of the camera and not know what to film. Third one - TheBeautyTrend (My current channel) I made a video telling people about my new channel on my LipiGloss channel. Not but 20 people out of 300 subscribed to my new channel. I would be lying if I said I was not discouraged. So here I am, not even 2 weeks into my new channel making this blog post. I feel like you guys need to hear the truth of why I made a new channel. I wanted to be a new Lipi in my videos. The true Lipi. I felt like no one really cared about my videos. In one way I was right in another way I was wrong. I have a whole 22 subscribers who have my back. I have been making videos that are the true me not the person who I think should be when filming. I think I am more happy when filming when it is not a forced thing when I film now it is voluntarily. Sometimes I say to myself,"  Lipi time to make a video." I use to say, " Lipi you HAVE to make a video even if you don't know what to make it about!" I think that is why I took such a long break. Now that is summer and I can officially start a new chapter.  ;)